At Whiteville, we focus on innovation and technology. Our products are all carefully designed to maximise functionality alongside comfort and aesthetics.  We offer a range of features integrated into our Italian designed sanitaryware. From sleek rimless pans, perfect for reducing bacteria to the comfort seats designed to suit modern lifestyles. 

Our signature VORTIX system optimises flushing by removing the rim and using our powerful system to push water in a vortex effect around the pan. The technology reduces noise and alongside the Rimless feature, ensures better hygiene standards. 

Water is our inspiration

At Whiteville, we are committed to increasing the water-saving capabilities of all our sanitary ware. Our team of experienced in-house designers also created the WATER SAVER system, an ideal sustainable solution to conserve water with every flush. Saving water is one of the main goals in contemporary living so we have incorporated innovative water-saving technology into our wall hung and floor standing toilets in almost all of our collections.

One of the simplest ways to reduce water usage is through toilet water, with our Saver technology we can reduce water usage by up to 50%. This will not only help save the worlds water resources but also reduce general household utility bills. To learn more about our water-saving initiative, contact us today.

Inspiring design Bold Designer-led concepts


Our collections offer creativity and a sense of customisation through interesting design and finishing touches. Our Wing basins are available in an array of colours to allow flexibility when designing the perfect bathroom suite.

The Wing collection features the latest in versatile design with a full range designed to be mixed and matched. From the softer sinuous Smooth style or the curvaceous Round finish to the bold sleek Edgy design, each piece works in harmony together to add interest to any space.

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